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Kellie England

Sales Associate

Kellie grew up in the Wood River Valley and her family has deep roots dating back 4 generations. Her family homesteaded Fisher Creek in the Stanley Basin area, now referred to as, “one of the oldest residences in the entire state of Idaho*”.

At the young age of 18 she started her career in the real estate industry as a receptionist at McCann Daech Fenton Realtors. For over 20 years she has assisted the front office and Realtors with their real estate business in between her travels and brief time as a flight attendant.

She has been blessed to experience many adventures in her 38 years and is finally settling down, back where her heart is……here in the valley where she is passionately starting her own career as a Realtor.

*Kellie’s Family History In Idaho…. “ShawCabin(1902)
An earlier generation of Preston Shaws was the second family to homestead in the upper Sawtooth Valley. Frank Shaw came to the area as a mining engineer, but determined the ore wasn’t rich enough. By then, Frank and his wife had fallen in love with the area and its scenery, so they decided to stay and ranch. Their cabin was known as the “Friendly House.” Mrs. Shaw kept a guest register listing people from every state in the Union, as well as from several foreign countries. This cabin was moved to its current location in 1992 from Fisher Creek.”

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